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Robert Rotstan, Jr.

Robert Rotstan, Jr., associate producer of JESUS IN INDIA, first proposed the idea to director Paul Davids of a film about Jesus' purported travels in India and in fact introduced Paul to Edward T. Martin.  Robert Rotstan, Jr., or "Bob," had long been intrigued by the issue of the "Missing Years" of Jesus and many of the other Biblical mysteries raised by Edward T. Martin in his first book. 

Bob went to law school before deciding to study business and financial analysis.  He became a business advisor with a large international investment firm where he manages large accounts.  He first met up with Paul Davids because he took a special interest in the film called "Roswell" that Paul executive produced and co-wrote.  Growing up at various military bases, Bob's family had become friends with one of the principal military people involved in the Roswell Incident, the purported crash of a UFO in New Mexico in 1947.  He felt that Paul's film was probably quite accurate, and he sought Paul out after Paul was a speakier at a MUFON conference (Mutual UFO Network) in Orange County, California.  They had dinner together that night and have been friends (and business associates) ever since. 

They have even written a book together, called JUST BECLAUS I LOVE YOU, a Christmas love story with a heartwarming appeal, and Paul did the line drawing illustrations for the book.  Bob now has numerous credits on Paul Davids films. 

On "STARRY NIGHT" he served (with Eva Fried) as Production Designer and played a small role as Officer Goodman.  He was an "Associate Producer" of both "THE ARTIST AND THE SHAMAN" and JESUS IN INDIA.  In Paul Davids' "THE SCI-FI BOYS," which won the Saturn Award for Best DVD of 2006, Bob can be seen in the end credits, dressed as a tourist in Hollywood.  He is shown down on his hands and knees polishing the stars on Hollywood Boulevard -- stars of producers such as Roger Corman and George Pal.  Bob and Paul are currently planning another film together.  Bob is happily married with children and lives in Southern California.

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